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Complex Program Group


Organising for a complex world


With CPG, you access Future Thinking strategies and implementation capabilities to successfully design and realise the complex policies and programs that deliver market leadership.

CPG strategies transcend project management and agile methodologies to provide organisations with robustness, foresight, governance, and the capabilities and processes to proactively manage emergence and frame breaking changes.

WAVE Model.png

CPG has a proven heritage in developing market changing innovations:


  • Relational contracting that enables efficient services outsourcing using Partnering, Alliancing, and Integrated Teams

  • Governance contracting for: the outsourcing of complex services such as ICT; and large and complex infrastructure

  • The Strategic Partnership contract for highly complex programs such as submarines and landmark infrastructure

  • The Complex Project Management Competency Standard - the Standard is transforming project management internationally

  • The WAVE Model to plan and manage complex program / infrastructure / service - US Government best practice 

  • The Inverted Bid Model for landmark infrastructure programs - recommended by G20/OECD as best practice


The United Nations stated " The UN is grateful to Dr David Dombkins. He has developed Innovative approaches worldwide for the implementation of PPP" 

  • Strategic Formulation for the United Nations PPP Centre of Excellence in Geneva and Specialist PPP Centres worldwide

  • Led the development of the UN PPP Toolkit , Readiness Assessment Tool, and Contract Management Manual

  • Co-authored the UN Good Governance Guide and Putting People First Principles

  • Invented and piloted Public NGO Partnership Model for infrastructure and service delivery by civil society organisations - The UN Business Advisory Board has described the PNP model as the biggest innovation in PPP in the past thirty years

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